Frequently Asked Questions



How long are the discontinued products under warranty for?

The warranty period for discontinued products remains the same:

  • Alto Surge: 1 year
  • AX’s: 1 year
  • SANAO: 2 years
  • Sonic Air MM 1500: 1 year
  • Turbine statis: 2 years
  • X-Cid 2: 2 years

Will consumables related to discontinued products still be available?

Consumables related to discontinued products are still available.

As a distributor can I continue to sell products listed as discontinued?

The decision to stop distribution for a certain number of products was based on commercial reasons. The products concerned do not show any known risks and can continue to be sold by MicroMega distributors.

What spare parts will be discontinued?

Contact your usual salesperson to find out about availability of items.



Does the transition to SAP have a concrete impact on me?

Whether you are a dentist, health centre, distributor or supplier, our teams are doing everything to ensure the transition is as smooth as possible for you. There will be some changes on the format of documents you will receive from us. However, your contacts and procedures will remain the same. For a short time, delivery time might be slightly longer, but everything possible has been done to minimise such an eventuality. To avoid any inconvenience, we invite you to anticipate your orders.



Who should I contact between 1st January and 31st March 2020?

La Clinique de l’Instrument is already covering AS services on a wide range of MicroMegaproducts. Between now and 31st March 2020, la Clinique de l’Instrument will gradually carry out more maintenance and repairs on MicroMega products. Already, you can direct all your orders for handpieces and contra-angles to la Clinique de l’Instrument. From 1st February, all Apex endodontic motors and locators will be dealt with by La Clinique de l’Instrument. From 1st March, la Clinique de l’Instrument will also deal with all repairs on X-Cid. By 31st March, all MicroMega AS queries will be dealt with by the la Clinique de l’Instrument. If in doubt, your usual contact is available to direct you towards the correct solution.

Who should I contact from 31st March 2020?

From 31st March, all AS and spare parts queries should be addressed to la Clinique de l’Instrument.

Clinique de l’Instrument
5 Rue Pierre et Marie Curie

Where can I buy spare sparts for my MicroMega equipments?

Spare parts for your MicroMega equipments are available from La Clinique de l’Instrument or your usual retailer.

Where can I buy consumables for my MicroMega equipments?

Consumables for your MicroMega equipments remain available from your usual retailer.

Who is my new contact for technical queries? Should I contact MicroMega or La Clinique de l’Instrument?

For queries regarding malfunction or regular maintenance arrangements, please contact La Clinique de l’Instrument. For any other queries, please contact your usual retailer. Fully committed to customer satisfaction, MicroMega continues to provide technical assistance on its products.

I am a SciCan customer in France, who should I contact?

We are still reviewing which network will provide SciCan AS service from 31st March 2020. SciCan and MicroMega teams are working together to find and implement the solution best suited to your needs and to SciCan products specificities. More information by Q1 2020.

If you didn’t find the answer to your question, contact us by email on